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Frequently Asked Questions

The questions are divided into sections dependent on how the courses are accessed:

On-line Delivery

Iíve been given an address to access my training but require login details to proceed. What are my login details?
Contact your training department or the person administrating the training course, only they can issue you with these details.

I tried to log in with the user name (email address) and password I was issued with. But I received the following message:

Incorrect user name or password. Please try again

Check the spelling of your email address against the one issued.

Check your password, passwords are case sensitive.

Contact your training department or the person administrating the training course to verify your user details.

Iíve checked all the above I still cannot access the course.
Try clicking on "Forgotten password" enter your email address and send, if this is successful you will receive your correct password from our database by email.

If you received the following message:

The email address doesnít exist on this site

Contact your training department or the person administrating the training course to verify your user account has been setup.

I logged on successfully but I can only see a black screen.
This is most frequently caused by pop-up blockers in third party software applications. Check to see if you have any 3rd party software installed on your computer which contains a popup blocker. Software applications containing popup blockers include Google/MSN/Yahoo toolbars, Norton Anti-Virus suite etc. See below:

Anti-Virus/Security Software

  1. Open your internet security software control panel (Norton, McAfee, Zone Alarm)
  2. Navigate to the Pop-up blocker settings panel
  3. Change the settings so that Pop-Ups are always allowed from the following site:

Internet Browser Pop-Up Blocker

  1. Open your internet browser.
  2. Click on Tools.
  3. Select Internet Options
  4. Navigate to the Pop-up blocker settings panel (Under the Privacy Tab in IE)
  5. Change the settings so that Pop-Ups are always allowed from the following site:

Google/MSN/Yahoo Toolbars
If you have installed an internet browser search menu bar, it is likely that this will have a pop-up blocker built in to it. Click on the settings button or the popup blocker icon on display. Click on this and adjust the settings so that pop-ups are always allowed from the site.

I am able to see course content but nothing happens when I click on all or some of the menu items.
Your Adobe Flash plug-in may need to be upgraded to the latest version. The plug-in version requirements and a link to the Adobe web site can be found on your login page. If you are accessing the course from a company PC or laptop, you may require "administration rights" on your PC to install the plug-in. Please contact your IT department administrator for assistance.

I am able to get into my course and I can see the content. Why can't I hear any sound?
Check to see if you have either internal or external speakers attached to your PC or laptop and that they are switched on.

Check the volume control to see if it is muted or that the volume scroll bar is in the fully turned down position.

I've checked all the above I still cannot hear sound.
Right click My Computer/Properties to bring up the System properties dialogue box select Hardware/Device Manager/Sound, video and game controllers. Here you can find the name of the sound card device and to see if it is installed properly if there is an "exclamation mark" on a yellow triangle against your sound card device, please contact your internal Technical department for help. If everything is OK go to next step.

Go to Control Panel/Sound and Audio Devices/Audio - check that the default device is set to your installed sound card device.

CD-ROM Delivery

How do I obtain a "Code B" number?
When you run the course for the first time on any computer, the product authentication processes will be triggered. To register the course successfully, you will have to obtain the second half of a registration code, in the form of a four digit number. The courses' product authentication screen has a link to our registration page at:

The website will require you to enter the following information:

  • Your name
  • A valid email address
  • A product registration number - this should be displayed on your course screen
  • Your "Code A" Ė the first four digits are displayed in the course registration window

Once you have entered this data, click the "submit" button. You should then be presented with your "Code B" in the form of a second four digit number. Enter this number into the "Code B" box in the courses' product authentication screen. Click on "submit" to validate the numbers. The course should register successfully and take you to the login screen.

Are my "Code A" and "Code B" numbers the same on each computer?
No. The "Code A" will change on each computer. If you install your course on another PC it will generate a new "Code A".

What is my product registration number?
Each course has a unique registration number assigned to it. This number is used as the name of your CD-Rom, and is also displayed on the first few screens of the course. You will need this number to register your course via the registration web site at:

I have successfully registered my course previously, but when I run the course it asks me to register it again.
Each time the course runs, it checks to see if it as been registered before on the hosting computer. If the course cannot find the registration information it will try to register itself again. This issue usually occurs on company computers, where any temporary files are routinely deleted when the computer is either closed down or restarted. If this is the case, then ask your IT department to contact us for assistance.

What is my Username?
Your "username" is supplied to you by ILX Group. Your username is printed on your "confirmation of order" document.

Note: If you purchased an "individual" licence, the username supplied on the "confirmation of order" document will be the only "username" the course will accept.

Intranet Delivery

Iíve installed the training course from the CD-ROM on to our Windows web server, created a user name in the administration area, logged off then tried to access the training course via the user name I have just created - but I receive the following message:

There is no record of your user name on the user database. Please contact your administration to register yourself as a user
  1. Check to see that the files in the data folder copied from the CD-ROM are not read only. If they are highlight them all by selecting ĎControl Aí on your keyboard right click the files select properties under the attributes list, and deselect the read only box.
  2. Check to see if the data folder has read/right permissions applied.
  3. In the Internet Information Services (IIS) application on the hosting server, check that the Web Service Extensions are set to allow Active Server Pages (asp).